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‘Don’t be a table-hogger’: Debrett’s issues guide for working from a cafe

by John B
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Debrett’s Issues Guide for Working from a Cafe
As remote work becomes more commonplace, working from a cafe has become an attractive alternative for many. This guide, inspired by the distinguished Debrett’s, aims to help you navigate the world of cafe working successfully.

Introduction: The Rise of Cafe Working
Cafes have always been social hubs, places of artistic inspiration, and networking hotspots. Today, they’re also becoming modern workplaces.

Selecting the Right Cafe
Connectivity and Facilities
When working from a cafe, ensure the place has good Wi-Fi connectivity and power outlets. Inquire about their facilities for remote workers – some cafes may even offer dedicated spaces or discounts.

Ambiance and Comfort
Choose a cafe with a comfortable setting and a conducive ambiance. The place should offer a good balance between quietude for focus and the casual bustle that gives cafes their unique charm.

Etiquettes for Cafe Working
Respecting Space
Respecting personal space and the cafe’s property is vital. Avoid spreading out your belongings across multiple tables, especially during peak hours.

Noise Levels
Keeping noise levels to a minimum is another crucial etiquette. Consider using headphones for calls or meetings, and keep your voice low when conversing.

Ordering Etiquette
Since you’re essentially using the cafe as an office, ensure you regularly order items. It’s unfair to the business if you consume minimal while occupying their space for long.

Tipping and the Art of Giving
Being generous with tips can contribute to a positive relationship with the cafe staff. It’s a small way to thank them for the space and services you’re utilizing.

Time Management While Working in a Cafe
Schedule Your Work
A well-structured work schedule can help maintain productivity. Use tools like Google Calendar or Todoist to plan your work hours effectively.

Taking Breaks
Don’t forget to take breaks. A stroll, some fresh air, or simply a change of view can recharge your mind and maintain focus.

Staying Focused and Productive
Digital Tools to Help
Apps like Freedom or Forest can help you stay focused by blocking distracting websites or gamifying focus time.

Overcoming Distractions
Overcome distractions by choosing your seating wisely. If possible, choose a corner seat or one with a wall view to minimize distractions.

Networking and Building Connections
Cafes are great places for networking. Engage in conversations with other cafe-goers. Who knows? The person sitting next to you might become a client, collaborator, or a good friend!

Conclusion: Making the Cafe Your Office
By following these guidelines, you can effectively turn a cafe into your office. Not only will it change your work environment, but it can also inspire creativity, increase productivity, and present networking opportunities.

What are some important considerations when choosing a cafe to work from?
Wi-Fi connectivity, availability of power outlets, comfortable seating, conducive ambiance, and a tolerant cafe policy towards remote workers are some crucial factors.

How can I stay focused while working in a cafe?
Use productivity apps, choose your seating wisely to minimize distractions, and maintain a structured work schedule.

What is the etiquette for working in a cafe?
Respect the space, keep noise levels to a minimum, order items regularly, and tip generously.

Why should I consider working from a cafe?
A change of environment can spur creativity, cafes provide an opportunity for networking, and the casual bustle can create a uniquely productive atmosphere.

Is it okay to take business calls in a cafe?
It’s okay to take calls, but keep your voice low to avoid disturbing others. Using headphones can be a considerate approach.

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